CoPilot is a domain-specific, embedded-stream language for generating hard real-time C code for monitors. Copilot is a runtime verification framework written in Haskell. It allows the user to write programs in a simple but powerful way using a stream-based approach.

Programs can be interpreted for testing, or translated into C99 code to be incorporated in a project or as a standalone application. The C99 backend output is constant in memory and time, making it suitable for systems with hard realtime requirements.


CoPilot: Code Snippet
This is a simple example showing basic usage. It implements a home heating system: It heats when temp gets too low, and stops when it is high enough. It reads temperature as a byte (range -50C to 100C) and translates this to Celsius.



This work is supported in part by the  DARPA Assured Autonomy  program.



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