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Improved Geometric Path Enumeration for Verifying ReLU Neural Networks


Neural networks provide quick approximations to complex functions, and have been increasingly used in perception as well as control tasks. For use in mission-critical and safety-critical applications, however, it is important to be able to analyze what a neural network can and cannot do. For feed-forward neural networks with ReLU activation functions, although exact analysis is NP-complete, recently-proposed verification methods can sometimes succeed.

The main practical problem with neural network verification is excessive analysis runtime. Even on small networks, tools that are theoretically complete can sometimes run for days without producing a result. In this paper, we work to address the runtime problem by improving upon a recently-proposed geometric path enumeration method. Through a series of optimizations, several of which are new algorithmic improvements, we demonstrate significant speed improvement of exact analysis on the well-studied ACAS Xu benchmarks, sometimes hundreds of times faster than the original implementation. On more difficult benchmark instances, our optimized approach is often the fastest, even outperforming inexact methods that leverage overapproximation and refinement.

Year of Publication
Conference Name
International Conference on Computer Aided Verification 2020
Springer, Cham
Conference Location
Los Angeles, California, USA