Control Systems Analysis Framework (CSAF) is a framework to minimize the effort required to evaluate, implement, and verify controller design (classical and learning enabled) with respect to the system dynamics. Its key features are:

  • Component based controller design
  • Native support for python and C language executables
  • Compatibility with external hardware and software processes
  • Ease of deployment. 

CSAF Architecture

Controllers, subsystems and plants are implemented as a collection of components. Components communicate via a 0MQ pub/sub configuration and serialize/deserialize ROS messages. Below is an example of a topology graph of F16 system with GCAS autopilot.


CSAF System Diagram



This work is supported in part by the  DARPA Assured Autonomy  program.


Galois Inc., USA


Aditya Zutshi

Ethan Lew

Michal Podhradsky